About the author

I'm J.C. Wood and I wrote Pandora after reading the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report (2018). The novel is set in the near future where the characters have to adapt to a fast-changing environment. I believe that not enough is being done to minimise our impact on the world around us and the concept for Pandora was born with the aim of encouraging others to do what they can for our planet.

I enjoy reading science fiction, and one of my favourite books in recent times has been Andy Weir's The Martian. Pandora's Tam uses scrap materials to build, taking inspiration from Weir's Mark Watney who applies his engineering knowledge to "science" his way out of difficult situations.

I want to know what Tam's future will be like in a way that reports with predictions and statistics cannot truly portray so I write to create worlds that I can explore. I write to tell stories that want to be told. And above all, I write because I enjoy it.

I also like dogs.